Beta Release 4.3.28

New Features

  • Top-3 Behavior Chart report
  • Weekly Trend report


  • Date Picker (Calendar Control) redesigned for better flow and to support quick month selection (needed for new Top-3 report)
  • Grid reports now have Category (behavior group) headers
  • Observation Search report now has category and behavior headers with safes and concerns counts
  • Reports Run-for-Each function now has “Checklist” option
  • Comment List Format Option to show only comments marked as safe
  • Comment Breakdown report redesigned to better show comment sample counts and distribution of comment codes


  • Removed observations grand total from checklist summary report as sample overlap made it misleading
  • Fixed duplicate variables names causing Excel exports to fail
  • Fixed translation system producing unexpected results when a blank variable was present in a report

SSO Functionality Adjustments

  • Added support for ProAct-based permission handling that does not rely on Identity Provider roles
  • Added aliasing support for the UPN attribute passed through SAML tokens
  • Added fields for altering an SSO user’s UPN on the Security interface
  • Added functionality for SSO logout, which also provides an endpoint for session expiry for user security
  • Improved SSO error handling and information logging