Beta Release 4.3.29 (large update)

Follow-up System Enhancements

- Master admins can now configure the follow-up functionality directly under Site Settings
- Follow-up Variable, Open Variable, and Closed Variable configuration settings now use drop-downs instead of ID input, enhancing ease of use for end users to configure the system
- Added configuration settings for up to two Variables to be displayed on the follow-up items menu table
- Added Follow-up Item schema to support creation, assigning, and closing data for follow-ups
- Added Follow-up Editor permission which allows non-admin users to manage follow-up data
- Expanded Follow-up closing functionality to allow for User Closed (required), Date Closed, and Closing Comment entry
- Added setting to make the follow-up closing comment required
- Added functionality to assign a user to a follow-up which will include them in all notifications, added Assign action to follow-up items menu
- Updated follow-up items menu table to show Assignee display name
- Added setting to allow follow-up assignee to close their assigned follow-up
- Updated Observation Search report to include follow-up closing data: User Closed, Date Closed, Closing Comment
- Added setting to select users to be included in all follow-up notification emails
- Added settings to customize each type of follow-up notification emails: Created, Assigned, Manual Notification, Closed, and No Action
- Added functionality for the system to send a notification if a follow-up has not been updated for a set number of days (No Action)
- Added setting for No Action days interval
- Added settings to support cutoff date and cutoff months range for follow-ups. Follow-ups created before the cutoff date and/or the months range will be excluded from the follow-up menu and No Action checking
- Altered the follow-up items menu to only show follow-ups assigned to the user. Admins and Follow-up Editors can still view all follow-ups
- Enhanced the follow-up items menu to clarify if there are no follow-ups available, or if there are no follow-ups assigned to you


- The chart output for all Trend reports now display a bar graph with %Safe trend line
- Added report types for Concerns Only and Safes Only Comment List, the original Comment List report will still use the Comment List Format setting
- Redesigned Data Entry Format setting to allow more flexibility for entry modes across different sites
- Users with Data Entry permission can no longer view their own previous observations and now require Data Edit Own permission to do so


- Fixed issues related to creating and saving checklists with an apostrophe in the checklist name
- Fixed observation hyperlinks not rendering on Comment List and Additional Comment List reports
- Fixed translation system producing unexpected results on report generation
- Fixed issues related to SameSite cookie policy introduced to modern browsers for SSO login
- Added exception handling for SSO logging in the event of misconfiguration