ProAct 2.7 Support

The Limited Support Service period for for ProAct version 2.7 including Standard, Professional, and Master edition ended is beginning on January 1, 2015. Software maintenance and sale of version 2.7 is discontinued at this time. ProAct 2.7 was built on the Office 2010 platform which is no longer supported by Microsoft. Clients are encouraged to upgrade to ProAct Online to benefit from security and compatibility updates as well as many new features. Clients wishing to continue using ProAct 2.7 may do so but support is limited to the resources below. ProAct 2.7.25 Final Patch Version ProAct Standard Patch ProAct Professional/Master Patch Installation Instructions:
  • Repeate the following steps on each computer running ProAct 2.7:
  • Browse to the installation directory of ProAct 2.7 (generally this is located in the “C:/Program Data/ProAct27/” directory on the computer).
    If the installation directory is not found at this location then Target property of the shortcut used to launch ProAct will indicate the location of the mde file.
  • Making a backup copy of the existing “ProAct27.mde” file.
  • Download the appropriate zip file.
  • Extract its contents into the installation directory.
  • You will be prompted to replace the existing file “ProAct27.mde” – verify that you have a backup copy of this file before choosing to replace it.
  • Launch ProAct and confirm that the version on the welcome form is “v2.7.25”.