ProAct Online 4.3 Update

ProAct Online has been updated to the latest stable build (4.3.3). This is a major update. Users of the beta application will already be familiar with the new features but a summary is below. The Help Guide has been updated to reflect the new version as well. While this is a very big update all of the original functionality remains the same. There are some new features but the only functional change is a slight re-arrangement of the menu bar. Some menu options now appear beneath your login name instead of the Settings menu.

New Design

  • New, cleaner design.
  • Detects screen size and rearranges layout for smaller screens.
  • Detects touchscreen devices and modifies controls to be finger-friendly.
  • Drop-down lists with more than 8 items include deep-search field. Shows results that contain the text anywhere in the name (not just at the beginning).
  • Dozens of other enhancements

Reporting Updates

  • Options Remembered – Returning to the Report screen will show the same settings as when you last left.
  • Save Reports – Save report options and filters for easier repeated use.
  • Hide Blank Rows Option – Use this option to display only rows with data, hiding all the rows with zeros.
  • Observation Search Report – Displays a list of observation records with a hyperlink to open the record in the data entry screen.
  • Observer Group Report – Shows totals for each group without showing the individual Observers.
  • Dozens of other enhancements

What’s Next?

The ‘Save Report’ feature was the second phase in development of the Report Automation. We are already working on the final phase that adds the ability to save a batch of reports and schedule it to run automatically emailing to a recipient or list. Look for more updates coming soon and, as always, please let us know what we can do to improve. ProAct Online Development Team